Hello Sweetie (Pink Grapefruit Bath Bomb)

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Pink Grapefruit Bath Bomb.

A little sweet, a whole lot of sass. Mango butter softens the skin and Epsom salts relax muscles while pink grapefruit essential oils rejuvenate the senses. We could tell you more, but...spoilers.

Due to the handmade nature of these items, no two bath bombs exactly alike. Each bath bombs has its own unique character.

These bath bombs will only come in pink. Because, hey...it's pink grapefruit. Don't worry. We only use natural lake colors (food and cosmetic grade) in our products so the color won't cling to the tub like other colors will.

All of our Hello Sweetie-Pink Grapefruit bath bombs contain:

A seductively tangy scent that blends fresh pink grapefruit fragrance with the bright and perky aroma of a freshly sliced, unadulterated grapefruit essential oil.

Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda): Baking soda is a natural particle that dissolves while cleansing the skin or in bath water. It is a natural alkaline that neutralizes acids and washes away oils and dirt. Its natural pH balance leaves the skin soft, silky and smooth.

Citric Acid: Citric Acid comes from citrus fruits. It has astringent and anti-oxidant properties. It is commonly used in cosmetic formulas to adjust an alkaline pH thus creating a more balanced and neutralized product. The citric acid we use in our bath bombs is small grain and ideal for skincare applications.

Epsom Salt: Dissolved in a bath, Epsom Salt is absorbed through the skin to replenish the body's levels of magnesium. Experts recommend soaking with Epsom Salt at least three times a week to look better, feel better and have more energy.

Corn Starch: Cornstarch’s anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe skin rashes, burns and itching.

Borax: Borax powder that is used in our bath bombs is naturally sourced and cosmetic grade Sodium Borate that does NOT contain surfactants and detergents, which are commonly found in commercial borax products. Borax acts as an emulsifier, natural preservative and buffering agent for moisturizers, scrubs, and bath salts. Borax is a natural mineral which is widely used in the cosmetic industry and has the ability to soften the water, and suspend soap particles in the bathwater. The result is soft, clean, and healthy skin, which is not clogged by the residue of soap particles.

Mango Butter: Mango butter is extracted from the kernels of the mango, which grows in the tropical climates of the world. Mango butter is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and E. Mango Butter has natural emollient properties, high oxidative ability, wound healing and regenerative activity. Mango has been traditionally used in the rainforests and tropics for its skin softening, soothing, moisturizing and protective properties and to restore flexibility and reduce degeneration of skin cells. It has a protective effect against UV radiation.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The olive oil we use in our bath bombs has not undergone any processing other than washing, decanting, and filtering. High in oleic acid and good for skin cell regeneration. Naturally, olive oil is packed with anti-aging antioxidants and hydrating squalene, making it superb for hair, skin, and nails. The best and most widespread use for olive oil is as an intense moisturizer and since it's natural, it's the ideal pick for eczema and more.

White Grapefruit Essential Oils: The essential oils we use in our bath bombs are the same phthalate free 100% Certified Pure EOs that aroma therapists and relaxations spas trust for their quality.

Pink Grapefruit Fragrance Oils: We source our fragrance oils from a supplier that evaluates their oils by testing in different formulas without diluting or adulterating the final product. All fragrance oils used in our bath bombs are phthalate free.

Polysorbate 80: This polysorbate additive helps oil based ingredients (mango butter, olive oil & essential oils) to dissolve in your bath water without diluting their ability to moisturize and sooth your skin.